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Meet the Makers!

The Makers are our group of parent volunteers who help build the amazing props that the students use during the show.  They do everything from building the sets to bedazzling the flags.  We are always looking for extra hands.  No prior experience necessary!  Whatever your skill level may be, we will find the right job for you.

To join the Makers Team, please contact our VP of Design Chelsea Cheng at 917.572.6219. 


Wednesday 9/13- We need help with painting and cutting gold stickers to decorate the Color Guard flags.


Sunday 9/17- We need help attaching vinyl to the scaffold and ramps and to adjust costumes as needed.  Please bring your own sewing kit.  


Wednesday 9/20 (and every Wednesday after that until the task is done)- We will need to bedazzle the Color Guard flags by ironing the gold squares on.  Please come to the art room and BRING YOUR OWN IRON.


Thank you!

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