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Join the Pit Crew!

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As you are aware, our children have been hard at work gearing up for our tremendous 2023 production – “Careful What You Wish For”.


As the competition season begins, the job of the Pit Crew is just beginning.  RMB’s PIT CREW and its members are like “Roadies”.

For every rehearsal, the students in the band unload, set up and then break down and stows all props. However, on competition days, students are in costume and have pre-show warm-up and routine - so the PIT CREW helps them out with unloading and set up. We also help them stage the props, and roll the props on and off the field for their performance. After the show, the students break the props down and put them back into the trailers with our guidance and supervision.

The students need help from parents to make sure the production runs as smooth as possible.  This year, we have eight (8) performances before we head to Syracuse to win a second straight championship.

The PIT CREW is an integral part of all competitions.  Optimally, we need twenty (20) parents for each show.  This should not be difficult with a band of over (150) kids. This number is certainly achievable especially with our existing dedicated core group of Moms and Dads who have already committed to this effort. Surprisingly however, everyone thinks someone else will help - and we sometimes end up short of hands.

WE NEED YOU! You don't need to be handy or strong - just willing to help! The Roslyn Band Fans Pit Crew Chiefs, Matt Fein and Scott Nussbaum, will provide all the on-the-job training you'll need and will find what role is best for you.

This is also a rare chance to be involved in your children’s lives and make a difference. You’ll also meet a great group of parents who have formed life-long friendships.

Whether its one show, or all, come support the best organization Roslyn has to offer.  

To join the Pit Crew, please email the Pit Crew Chiefs-

Scott Nussbaum – Co Pit Crew Chief                                                                   Matthew Fein – Co Pit Crew Chief                                                                      


Also, for the most up-to-date announcements related to the pit crew, please text "@pcrew2023" to 81010.                            



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